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Haas American Tradition Garage Door TrendsInstalling a modern, stylish garage door is a great way to increase the curb appeal of your home. The garage door style that you choose can allow the door to blend in with your home’s aesthetic or become the center of attention. Here are some design trends for garage doors can help you make an informed, stylish decision for your home.

Technological Advances – Technology is getting faster, smarter, and more innovative every day, and this is even true in the garage door industry. Internet connectivity is now being built into garage doors, allowing you to open and close them using your cell phone.

Back to the Past – Modern steel doors can be made to look like old-fashioned carriage house doors, allowing for strength and stability while retaining a traditional style. These doors will also be more durable than their wood counterparts.

Make a Statement – Garage doors continue to increase in height and width, resulting in a more striking visual statement. Some homeowners take this a step farther by adding bold colors and custom features to the doors. Rather than blending in, these doors reflect the owner’s style and personality.

Real Wood – The look of real wood is still hard to beat for those looking for a classy and attractive option. While it can be expensive, it offers some of the strongest curb appeal for a garage door.

Be Unique – While wood and steel are the most common building materials for garage doors, one of the latest door styling trends is the use of alternative materials. Because they are unusual, glass paneled doors or brass overlays can make a strong statement.

The key to making any trend work for your situation is to choose a style that enhance the design and architecture of your structure. It is also important to look at options that will blend with the landscaping around your home. Also, keep in mind that neighborhood regulations may limit the styling options of your home, including your garage door. Make sure that your choice will be approved before you invest in a new door.

Adrian Overhead Doors recommends and installs garage doors from Haas Door Company, a local garage door manufacturer in Northwest Ohio that sells beautiful and functional garage doors that are perfect for the changing Midwest weather temperatures. They have a variety of new garage doors to choose from.

Choosing a garage door that makes a statement and serves its original purpose can be challenging. While you may be limited by budget and neighborhood regulations, keeping up with design trends in garage doors can help you add a new and unique feature to your home.