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Garage Kits for New Home ConstructionA garage door can add value to your home, and choosing the right door can be a tough decision. You want a door that fits in with the style of your home, but you also want to choose a door that can help your home stand out. No matter what direction you go when choosing your door, you want to be certain that the door stays protected until it is installed.

In a new construction or renovation, the garage door is often one of the last things to be put into place. It would be devastating to purchase the perfect door only to have it damaged or destroyed because of how it was stored while waiting for installation. Take the steps necessary to make sure your door is still in good condition when it is ready to be installed.

Protect Your Garage Door from These Three Things

  1. Thieves – construction sites are attractive to thieves. They look for items that they can strip down and then sell. They will also be looking for kits that can be easily taken. You will want to be sure that your garage door kit is stored in a place that can be locked up at night. It may also be a good idea to keep your door out of sight during the day.
  2. Weather – The elements can end up wreaking havoc on your garage door kit. The rain can rust parts or damage electronics. The sun can damage seals. The freezing temperatures can cause issues as well. Be sure that when your garage door kit is delivered that it is stored in a place where it is protected from the elements and the weather.
  3. Mishaps – Things happen around a construction site. One wrong step and your new garage door could be in need of major repairs. You could also consider storing your garage door away from the construction site. A storage shed or garden shed could be a good place to keep your garage door kit safe and out of harm’s way while waiting to be installed.

Investing in your home by choosing the right garage door is important. It is equally important that the door of your choice is ready for installation when the time comes. You want to be sure that it is delivered in a timely manner, but you also want to be certain that it will not be left sitting around the construction site where problems could occur.

Sit down and talk with your contractor so that you know the timeline for the installation. The garage door is often one of the last pieces of the puzzle to be put into place. By working out a timeline with your contractor, you can be certain that your garage door will arrive in time for the work to be completed and that it will not end up being the piece that holds up your construction.

Be prepared, as delays can still occur even with all the right planning in place. Have a plan to protect your garage door kit.