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It doesn’t take a lot of effort to have a well-functioning garage door; in fact you can perform some easy garage door maintenance yourself in just 5 minutes. Adrian Overhead Doors recommends two simple tips for monthly maintenance – listen and watch.

Listen to your garage door

Your garage door will tell you if it isn’t feeling well, so listen closely for creaks, squeaks, and grinding noises. Pay attention where the noises come from, and visually inspect those areas – they probably want extra lubrication. Simple oil like 3-in-1 oil is best for lubricating your garage door and moving parts. People often think that WD-40 will work for this, but it actually disperses the moisture and doesn’t lubricate moving parts.

Watch the garage door move

Watch the moving parts of the garage door, if there seems to be friction, they probably want oil! Inspect the rollers to be sure they are still moving freely inside the tracks, and that the tracks haven’t been bent or blocked with debris.

Watch to see if the garage door is closing evenly, without gaps across the bottom. A garage door that closes unevenly is asking for a service call.

Be cautious of trying to repair or replace any moving parts, this is best left to a qualified service technician who knows how the entire system operates, and can repair it quickly. Trying to repair a garage door yourself can be hazardous!

Make your garage door happy with simple monthly care! Easy garage door maintenance, followed each month, can extend the length of time between service calls.