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Haas Garage Door changes in color choicesYour garage door is one of the largest items that can affect the visual appearance of your home, and there are many ways that you can leverage this to increase curb appeal. Even just changing the color or design of your door can make all the difference in the world. Some people prefer to minimize the appearance of the garage, bringing the focus to the front door or front porch instead. Others see the garage as an extra wall of the overall canvas of the property, and prefer to showcase the large space that the garage occupies.

Of course, a new garage door can provide more than just a visual upgrade. Many modern doors are better insulated, which will save you money by decreasing your heating and cooling costs. These are just some of the many ways to maximize your return on investment.

Change the Color

Bold colors are popular nowadays, and this is especially true when it comes to garage doors. Choose a color that is bold enough to catch attention, but subtle enough to blend in with the design and architecture of your home. You can even pick a highlight color from the landscaping or natural materials used in the house.

Make a Statement

Your garage door can become a statement piece simply by using unique materials or designs. Adding glass panels or custom coverings can increase curb appeal by turning the garage into strong visual feature.

Change the Style

Adding trim or a new paint job to your existing door can give your home a facelift and increase the curb appeal. Unadorned doors lack the visual appeal that is necessary to catch the attention of visitors and people driving by the home.

Mimic the Architecture

Choose a garage door that has the same trim work and colors as the home. This will allow the garage doors to blend with the structure and add interest.
Subtle garage door changes can be one of the best home improvement choices you can make; and can make a big difference in the visual impact of your home.

Adrian Overhead Doors installs the Haas Garage Door products, from a company right in the Midwest. Haas Door recently introduced seven new colors in the American Tradition Series. With the addition of Cool Black, Bronze, Brown, Hunter Green, Trinar® White, Trinar® Beige, and Trinar® Brown, the American Tradition Series now offers a total of 12 solid colors and two wood grain options. There are many choices in garage doors through Haas, and the interactive online tool can help you determine the right look for your property.