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You want your garage door to be reliable, and by performing some simple garage door maintenance steps, it can operate well for many years. Here’s a big tip about how to fix sticking rollers.

If your garage door seems to be sticking as it moves up and down, examine the rollers to determine if that’s the problem area. Most often, the shaft is not moving freely, which is causing the rollers to stick. If you notice a lot of squeaking as the garage door moves up and down, this is also an indication that the rollers need lubrication. Both of these areas work together to help the door move inside each track, so you want to be sure they can move freely.

It’s important to use the right type of lubricant when maintaining your garage door. The service professionals at Adrian Overhead Doors recommend using a simple 3&1 Oil in a small container, because it distributes evenly with just the right amount of lubrication. Ask for it by name at any hardware store.

Working on each side of the door, take time to thoroughly lubricate both the shaft and the rollers at the bottom, middle, and top. Using one hand, wiggle the shaft while applying the lubricant to both the inside and outside holes of the roller mount bracket carrying the shaft. There’s usually a little give from side to side on each shaft, so oil while moving it in this direction also. Take time to spin the shaft after you’ve oiled, to be sure it’s moving freely, and apply more oil if needed.

Look at the roller to be sure it hasn’t accumulated any debris within the track area, and remove any debris or dirt around the roller. At the roller’s base, apply a few drops of 3&1 Oil again, which should prevent the squeaking noises you may have been hearing.

Open and close the garage door to be sure the oil is distributed and the parts are moving freely.

If you noticed a popping sound as the door opened, it may be an indication of worn out rollers. Lubricating worn out rollers will not resolve this noise, and it may be time for a simple roller replacement by your qualified garage door repair technician.

Following some regular garage door maintenance is good for your door and your budget, because your door will operate more effectively and last longer.