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Springtime typically means more frequent operation of the garage door, as homeowners get out seasonal yard equipment, kid’s toys, and even take the plunge at some clean-up and organization. Here are some simple garage door maintenance tips that are essential for this time of year.

Garage Door Safety Check

According to the International Door Association, around half of the homeowners have not had a professional safety check on their garage door or automatic garage door opener. Check to be sure the reversing mechanism is working well by putting an object in the path at the bottom center of the door. The mechanism should sense this object and reverse the door from closing.

Give the photo sensors a clear view. Take time each month to wipe clean the photo eyes located near the bottom of each side of the door railings. Test to be sure they are working by blocking one of them when the automatic garage door is closing; and it should stop the door from continuing to close.

Watch and Listen to the Garage Door Operation

Simple, ongoing garage door maintenance tasks can keep everything operating smoothly. When the door is opening or closing, watch for evenness of the door moving. Listen for possible creaks, squeaks and groans. Your garage door will talk to you (in it’s own language) if there is something wrong.

The simplest of tasks can make a huge difference in operational ease. Use regular three-in-one lubricating oil and make sure the hinges and rollers get a squirt of oil on a regular basis, and your garage door will probably be the quiet workhorse it was designed to be.

If you notice loud creaking or popping noise, it can signal more serious problems, like a torsion spring going bad. Replacing this requires a professional service call from a technician who knows how to handle this job safely.

Garage Door Maintenance

Depending on the age of your door, it’s a good idea to have a professional perform more extensive garage door maintenance every few years. Minor adjustments or simple part replacements that are done when needed can extend the life of the garage door, making the investment last longer.

After a long, hard winter it’s refreshing to hear the sound of lawnmowers throughout the neighborhood again. If you store your lawnmower inside your garage, pay attention to how your garage door sounds as you raise and lower it. If you’re needing some garage door maintenance, call Adrian Overhead Doors for some helpful hints over the phone, or a service call to make sure everything is working properly for your garage door.