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Garage Door Repair Common ProblemsSome people mistakenly attempt to try DIY garage door repairs on their own when they clearly should have a professional do it for them. This isn’t to say you can’t do a few things on your own to help keep your garage door working well in-between service calls. But when issues take over that prevent you from even opening your garage door, it’s time to call professionals to inspect things and replace parts.

Take a look at common problems that arise with garage doors and which actions you should take to address the issue as soon as you can.

Troubleshooting Garage Door Issues

As a simple act of prevention, you can add some lubricating oil to the rollers of your door regularly to keep your door operating optimally throughout the year. This doesn’t necessarily prevent parts from wearing out over time, however. As your garage door ages, things are going to inevitably wear out. Doing it yourself without could lead to serious injury. For instance, extension springs can go flying in the air and cause injury if not installed correctly with safety cables.

If your door isn’t shutting properly, your best place to look first is your door track to see if it’s blocked or bent. This can sometimes happen through basic wear and tear, or even if you accidentally hit your garage door with your vehicle in the past. In the latter case, it may mean replacing the track or the whole door, which our expert team can do for you quickly and efficiently.

Broken hinges can additionally be a factor in why your door doesn’t close or open properly. These frequently break due to just being worn over time. When you consider how often we open our garage doors during the day and night (depending on how often you go out), it shouldn’t surprise you why a broken hinge will occur eventually. Many families use the same garage door for a decade without realizing that the door needs maintenance like everything else.

Also, don’t forget to inspect the rollers on your garage door. Aging rollers can make noise, which may be why you hearing annoying squeaking noises as you open or shut the garage door.

Quick Repairs

Adrian Overhead Doors can provide quick repairs, because we keep all garage door parts on hand. You won’t find that very often through other garage door repair services. Yet, we know that you don’t want a broken garage door sitting for several days when it could pose a risk of someone breaking in.

Contact us so we can get your broken garage door fixed quickly. Getting your garage door fixed this summer, will get it ready for fall and winter once more inclement weather arrives.