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Garage Door Safety Tips for ChildrenGarage door safety is important. When children are in the garage on a regular basis, then you will want to make sure that the entire area is as safe as possible. Here are some garage door safety tips to consider.

Locate any garage door button in clear view of the door and away from any moving parts. Keep the control button away from the reach of small children. A button installed on the inside of the door should be high enough that small children are unable to reach it. Experts recommend that push buttons should be installed at least 5 feet from the ground.

Update your garage door with a system that includes external entrapment protection. These systems have a notification that will reverse the door if anything is detected under the door.

Test the door regularly to insure that everything is working properly. This should include a check of the external entrapment protection.

Always watch the door until it is completely closed. You will be able to see if anyone or anything gets in the path of the closing door.

Learn how to use the emergency release. Read the directions of your particular model to determine the right way to release the system so that you can open the door by hand.

Perform regular maintenance on the garage door. Make sure that the force settings are working by holding the door bottom and applying pressure to be certain that it reverses. You will also want to make sure that it reverses if you have a block under the door. Finally, check the balance of the door so that it can be opened manually in case of an emergency.

Basic garage door safety can prevent damage from happening to your property. It can also provide protection for the people who use the door. When there are children around, it may be necessary to add additional safety measures.

Garage Safety Topics for Children

Take time to talk to children about the behavior expected around the garage doors. Children should never be allowed to touch a moving garage door. They should be taught to stay away from the door while it is closing or opening, and to stay away from the moving parts of the garage door.

Remind the kids that they should not use the garage door opener. It is not a toy and should not be given to the child in the car or around the home.

Teach the children to stay away from the door and to not play under or around the garage door.

Always be a good example to the children. Follow the rules, and they will learn to follow them as well.

Be certain that you have all the safety features in place so that you can enjoy the convenience of your garage door while also ensuring the safety of your family.