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Garage Door Safety for Seniors and HomeownersHave you thought about how garage doors can provide homeowner safety for certain members of your family? Ever since the garage door was invented for homes, it’s been meant as a way to protect our things. Prior to the 1920s and before gas-powered vehicles, it was meant as a place to protect horse carriages so they wouldn’t rust sitting out in inclement weather. When the overhead door was invented in the early 1920s, the sense of security it provided had increased to a point where we started storing more things in a garage and linking it to our homes.

The type of garage door we use today is still based on the basic designs we’ve been using for the last 90 years. Even automatic garage door openers almost seem like history now, considering they go back four decades.

But what can a high-quality garage door do for you in giving a sense of security today? When it comes to seniors, children, and those with disabilities, having a garage door made with the best materials can help their own sense of security.

Having a Garage Door for Senior Security

You may have someone in your own family who’s aging and still living in a condo or apartment with no garage. That leaves their car vulnerable to car thieves and possibly being completely stolen. When they have a garage, they automatically gain a better sense of security for their car and stored items. A high-quality garage door with superior locks is a major part of what makes a garage what it is. No more do you have to worry about a flimsy garage door that’s easy to pop open and crawl under as they were in the days when your aging relatives were kids.

Also, with many elderly people living alone, a secure garage door also offers peace of mind. This includes garage doors with automatic openers so your aging parent or relative doesn’t have to worry about getting out to open the door on their own when returning home after dark.

Garage Doors for Security of Children

Perhaps you have a young daughter with young kids and you worry about their safety while playing in the garage or overall security to the house. Having a secure garage door prevents an easy entryway for intruders.

Also, many people are remodeling their garages into play areas for children. It’s an idea you may be using now if you have children or grandchildren. You need to have the security of a garage door you know locks securely and can’t be popped open while your kids play out there.

Automatic Garage Door Openers for the Disabled

Those who have difficulty getting out of the vehicle to open their garage door are going to need an automatic garage door opener. Some homes and duplexes don’t have them, and they provide added security and assistance to a person with disabilities. Added features with light activation assist in moving about once inside the garage.

A garage door is really a gateway to better home security and efficiency. Contact us so we can help you choose a quality garage door and opener.