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Haas Garage Doors made in the USAHere at Adrian Overhead Doors, our goal has always been to provide the best garage doors on the market. We’ve found a local source for that quality and have linked up with Haas Garage Doors to provide the garage doors for your home. While quality is our primary concern, we’ve teamed with Haas Garage Doors for other reasons as well. One of those is due to seeing far too many garage doors being made overseas where quality ultimately suffers.

Garage Doors Made in America

We believe that real quality products are being produced right here in the United States. Haas produces all their garage doors here in America, which we think is to everyone’s benefit. Far too many home construction products have been produced in foreign countries that frequently falter on the quality of door parts. A Haas door is guaranteed to be made with the best quality materials and with every detail made to hold up for years.

The company also provides some other convenient incentives you’ll love when searching for the right garage door.

The HaasCreate Visualizer

You’ve likely used virtual programs before that help you visualize what something looks like it before you buy it. You don’t always get that with garage doors, and Haas provides this program on their website to help you gain a sense of what you’re buying. We’ll help you use this program to customize what you want early in case you change your mind at the last minute. All it takes is uploading a photo of your home first so the program can give you a virtual visualization.

Architectural Specifications for Commercial Garage Doors

Haas has another convenient service in providing the architectural specifications for any commercial garage door you have in mind. This can help you find the perfect overhead door for your company rather than making assumptions. These specifications include exact measurements and the type of insulation foam in each door. The amount of energy efficiency in your garage doors is a factor to consider during our Michigan winters.

Commercial and Residential Doors

If you own a business, Haas commercials doors are going to give just as much variety as you have with residential garage doors. This includes the options of solid-panel doors or ones with windows. And many of them are made of vinyl for long-term durability in any kind of weather. It’s the quality you’d expect in American-made products, and we’re proud to remind everyone how buying American is the way to go.

If you’re in need for a new garage door on your home or for your company, contact us here at Adrian Overhead Doors. Also, visit Haas Garage Doors to see why we’ve associated with them. We assure quick installation of their doors with a promise of continuing maintenance if parts ever wear out.