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correct garage doorChoosing the right garage door may not seem like a big deal. However the size, materials, and construction of the door do matter. If you rush your purchase, you may regret your decision. However, when you take the time to research and compare your options, you can have a residential garage door that you’re happy with now and for decades to come. The following tips will help you make the right choice.

Maintenance Considerations

Different garage door materials have different maintenance needs. For example, steel doors generally require less maintenance than wood doors. While aluminum doors are rust and corrosion resistant and easy to maintain, they are also easily dented. Natural wood needs extra care, and while it is beautiful to look at you will have to repaint or re-stain it every few years.

Insulation Efficiency

The insulation value or R-value of a door impacts the energy efficiency of your home. The higher the R-value of the garage door, the greater the insulation value and energy efficiency.

If you live in a climate that varies between very warm and very cold temperatures, then insulation may be more important than if you live in a temperate climate. If your garage is not connected to your home then the R-value may be less important to you than if you have a connected garage.

Size and Style

Obviously you need to choose a door that fits the size of your space. However, in addition to size considerations you also want to pay attention to the style of the door. Garage doors can have windows and other decorative elements. The shape and number of the windows can vary, as can the pattern on the door front. You can also choose the color of your door to match your home’s exterior. You can even find overhead doors that look like hinged carriage house doors.


Price is always a consideration. However, it makes sense to identify a few garage doors that meet your needs before you begin comparing price. Wood doors tend to be the most expensive, followed by steel and aluminum. Better insulated doors will also cost more than doors with lower energy efficiency.

It is also important to pay attention to the quality and reputation of the manufacturer. You want the door you choose to last as long as possible. A residential garage door made from high quality parts by a manufacturer with a good reputation often comes with a warranty and the assurance that you have made a great choice.