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If your garage door isn’t working, one step in troubleshooting includes checking the garage door opener to be sure it’s working properly. Here are just a few quick tips to follow while troubleshooting.

As a first, and often very obvious step, check the batteries in your remote opener. Make sure the batteries aren’t corroded, and if they need to be replaced, put fresh batteries in the remote.

Next, check the safety sensors near the bottom of the garage door on each side. The safety sensors should be sending an invisible photo-optic beam across the door area, but if these sensors are blocked, it will prevent the garage door opener from working correctly. The sensors may become misaligned, so make sure photo eyes are aligned and pointed at each other.

Another obvious tip for troubleshooting the garage door opener is to check the power source to be sure a circuit breaker hasn’t malfunctioned.

Areas of the opener that should also be checked include the uplimit switch and other limit controls within the opener.

Check the hardware that connects the garage door opener to the garage door to be sure that everything is bolted and screwed tightly. As a final step, lubricate the travel mechanism of the opener for easy movement.

Troubleshooting the garage door opener yourself could save a service call, but if the garage door still isn’t operating correctly, call the service experts at Adrian Overhead Doors.