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Garage Door Preventative MaintenanceInvesting in regular maintenance for your garage door is important. With proper care, it can last for many years. Without proper maintenance, it can become a hazard and need replacing well before its time.

Once a month:

Do a visual inspection of the door to see how it is running. While the door is closed, inspect the mechanism, including springs, cables, pulleys, wiring, mounting systems, and hinges. Be on the lookout for any signs of wear. Listen and watch while the door opens and closes. If something looks or sounds out of order, it might be wise to call in a professional to perform an inspection or to make repairs.

Do a balance check of the garage door. Close the door and then disconnect the automatic opener. Lift the door manually. Check for resistance and ease of lifting. Also be aware if the door remains open once you have lifted it. If there are any signs of sticking or if the door does not remain open, there could be issues with the balance of the door.

Check the reversing mechanism. Place a block or other item under the door and then push the door to close it. If the system is working correctly, the door will reverse before closing down on the block. If there are issues, then it is important for the safety of those that use the garage door that they be resolved.

Test the laser system or eye beam. Push the button to close the door and then wave a solid object (like a broom handle) in front of the eye beam. If the door reverses, then the system is operating the way it should. If the door does not reverse, then this is a safety issue that should be corrected at the earliest moment.

Test the emergency release. There should be a bright colored rope (normally it is red) hanging from the mechanism of the garage door system. After you pull the release, you should be able to move the door up and down with relative ease. If the door is stuck or if the door is crooked when you move it manually, then you should call a professional to come and correct the situation.


Examine the mechanism. Tighten down loose bolts that may have been jostled by the opening and closing of the door.

Lubricate the system. Small amounts of spray lubricant should be periodically applied to the hinges, rollers, and tracks to help insure that the system operates with ease.

You will help your garage door system last longer by investing in regular care of the system. Good maintenance will also allow you to spot safety issues that could be developing in your system before those issues cause harm. If the garage door preventative maintenance doesn’t keep your door operating well, call the service technicians at Adrian Overhead Doors.