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LiftMaster Internet Gateway Garage Door OpenerTechnology is progressing at an alarming rate of speed, allowing devices to become both smaller and more powerful. These innovations have carried over into garage door openers, giving users features that were never possible before. From smartphone control to internet connectivity, there are now more options than ever before.

Technology Available in Garage Door Openers

Wireless Car Activation – Many cars now come with technology that integrates a programmable garage door opener into your vehicle. It is a factory installed system with a universal transmitter for many types of garage doors.

Internet Connectivity – Some garage door brands have integrated an internet control interface into the electronics of the garage door, allowing you to monitor and control the door remotely. You can check to see if the door is open or closed, and even open it remotely for visitors or deliveries.

Smartphone Control – Smartphone technology is everywhere, and garage door openers are no exception. Many manufacturers are now offering apps that will connect to their doors online, making it easier to access the same features and controls as the web interface.

Adjustable Settings – Many garage doors now include the option to adjust settings such as the opening speed. You can set the garage door to open slowly, or speed it up to reduce weather exposure and increase security.

Sensors – Many doors now include infrared sensors that are installed under the door. These will reverse the door and prevent it from closing on people or objects that are in the way, providing a valuable safety feature.

Timer and Auto Setting – You can protect your home by ensuring that the garage door is closed even if you forgot to do so. A timer can be set to automatically close your garage door a certain amount of time after being opened.

Fingerprint Technology – Some garage door opener systems are now including fingerprint verification to increase the level of security. Some keyless entry systems can read up to four unique fingerprints, eliminating the need for passwords or PIN numbers.

Since garage doors were first installed, people have been working to make them easier to use and safer for the users. These advances in technology have driven the garage industry to make safer, stronger doors that can even connect to your smartphones and personal devices.

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