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Garage Door ServiceMany people make the unfortunate mistake of believing that once their garage door is installed, it will last for years without needing any attention. Garage doors are like any other component of your home – they need regular maintenance. If you get your garage door serviced on a consistent basis, it will last for decades. It’s the best way to make the most of your money and to keep your home running smoothly. There are several different types of service that you’ll want to put on your schedule.

Annual Service

Every type of garage door needs to have an annual checkup. The service technician will review all of the door components to make sure they are aligned and working properly. They will also check your garage door opener, as the tension can become a little loose over time. It’s important to maintain tension to ensure that the opener stays on track.

Each year the technician will also lubricate all moving parts of your door and the opener. They will lubricate the rollers, bearings and hinges. This helps the door open and close easily and prevents any drag that can misalign your door.

Monthly Check-In

Many garage door opener manufacturers, including LiftMaster, recommend a monthly test. This is a test that you can conduct yourself. However, if you notice any unusual sounds like clicks or a whine in the motor of your opener, call a garage door service technician. There are two tests that you can conduct each month.

Test #1 Make Sure the Door is Balanced and Aligned

To conduct this test you’ll want to close your garage door and disconnect the door from the opener. You can now open and close the door manually. Your garage door should be lightweight and roll up and down smoothly. If you cannot, then it may be misaligned and you’ll want to call a service technician. The next component of this test is to let go of the door when it’s halfway open. If it stays in place you’re in good shape. If it rolls up or down, it needs service because it’s out of balance.

Test #2 Safety Reversal System

This is basically a test to make sure that your garage door will stop closing if something goes under it during the closing process, such as a small child running out of the garage, a pet, or even a skateboard. Standing inside the garage, grab a 2×4 board or a small object. As the door closes, place the object in front of the sensor. The garage door should stop closing. If it doesn’t, get a technician out to service your garage door opener.

Make sure your garage door stays aligned, balanced and safe to help it last longer. A little regular maintenance goes a long way. Find a company that you trust and keep your garage door in great shape.