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Professional Garage Door InstallationThere are many differences to consider when comparing professional garage door installations to DIY kits. While DIY projects offer some price breaks and savings to the homeowner, the support and warranties may not be what you hoped for after the project is complete.

Hiring a professional company to install your new garage door may cost more than doing it on your own, but you can be certain that professional grade parts are used in the doors and that the install will be backed by the company warranty.

Top Benefits of Professional Garage Door Installation

The DIY path may only LOOK less expensive. When you begin listing the time that will be involved in the installation and the parts or equipment you may need to purchase to get the door running correctly, the professional installation may turn out to be the less expensive route in the long run.

The professionals are equipped to deal with technical issues. Not all houses are made equally and most garage doors kits are not custom designed for your specific house. If problems arise, a professional installer will have the skills to make the necessary adjustments.

A professional installer will have the necessary licenses and insurance to protect your home. Keep in mind that garage door installations will involve some electrical work, and many cities require that only licensed electricians do that type of work.

Removal and disposal of old doors can be a hassle, but professional companies will already have a system in place to handle the mess.

The garage door has the potential to be one of the most hazardous parts of your home, but a proper installation can help to reduce the risk. The DIY path of installing garage doors has dangers of its own – it is estimated that almost two thousand people are injured every year while installing a garage door.

These safety concerns are just part of the reason that investing in professional garage door installation can be the right choice. Recognizing the technical skills necessary to installing a garage door properly is another. A garage door that is not installed precisely will have to be repaired or replaced sooner, which will end up costing even more money.

It may seem that a DIY kit can be the least expensive way to get your garage doors installed, but it is important to make a proper comparison. Make a list of all the things that need to be done to install the new garage door (and be sure to include the removal of the old door). Calculate the amount of time that you think it will take and then double that estimate. Include a list of possible issues that you may need to overcome. When you weigh this plan against the cost of hiring a professional installation company you will get a more complete picture to compare a professional garage door installation vs. home improvement center kits.