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Liftmaster smart phone remoteIf you’ve hesitated for years to buy a garage door opener, you might want to start now with a brand name you can trust. LiftMaster garage door openers are a trusted brand with many different safety and security features on their garage door openers to ward off accidents or intruders.

What kind of garage door opener should you choose that would best suit your garage? There are a variety of options, each equipped with features designed to make the operation of your garage door easier and safer.

Advanced Belt Drive Garage Openers

When you want the ultimate in quiet while opening your garage door, this belt driven operators are perhaps best option you can buy. Recent Liftmaster openers are so advanced that you can monitor, open and close the garage door using your smartphone. In earlier years, you needed to use a remote inside your vehicle and be within a certain distance of your door to open it; now you can manage the door from any location.

Wall Mounted Garage Door Openers

Not all garages are made the same, so LiftMaster made it easier for you in providing a garage door opener that also mounts on the wall. This can come in handy when you need to save space on the ceiling. This type is also very quiet in operating, and has a battery backup, something you’ll appreciate in all LiftMaster garage door openers.

The technicians at Adrian Overhead Doors can install any of these garage door openers quickly at your home, and help you program everything to work efficiently. You can also count on us for continual maintenance on both your garage door openers and overhead doors.