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Choosing a Residential Garage DoorYour home is an important investment, and the style of residential garage door you select can showcase your home. The quality of the materials also gives the message that you’re serious about keeping things in your garage safe. In our area where weather changes regularly, having a door made of quality materials is essential to prevent your garage items from being harmed.

From an appearance point of view, though, what kind of garage door would best suit your home style? If you’re searching for a new garage door, you have plenty of different material options as well as design patterns. We can accommodate all of that here at Adrian Overhead Doors.

What Materials Should You Choose?

The type of materials you choose for your garage door will help considerably on the durability and energy efficiency of the door. Some people are starting to use their garages for more than just storing their cars, tools, and miscellaneous items. You may be one who’s made an actual room in your garage for entertaining, or as a play area for your kids or grandchildren. A garage door made out of steel provides plenty of durability during bad weather so you don’t have to worry about leaks or cold air getting in while enjoying your garage space.

You also have the choices of aluminum, fiberglass, and vinyl to provide the appearance of wood on your garage door. When you use these, you can have the appealing look of wood on your door without having to worry about the extensive maintenance required to keep wooden doors from deteriorating.

Solid-Panel Garage Door or Add Windows?

Many families debate over whether they should have a solid-panel door or one with windows. When you want to use your garage for more than just storing your cars, you might want to consider one with windows. Doors with small windows at the top still provide privacy, yet allow natural light inside.

A solid-panel door may be more to your choosing if you want complete privacy inside your garage. A door without windows will deter a thief from peeking inside. Or, if you’re inside the garage infrequently, perhaps you don’t really need the natural light inside.

Consider Energy Efficiency

Garage doors vary on energy efficiency, but the level of insulation should always be strongly considered in your choice. Through our association with Haas Door Company, their doors provide polystyrene foam panels and polyurethane foam to give you strong insulation from the cold and hot weather. That’s going to be important when you have valuable household items stored in your garage requiring temperature control.

Of course, if you have an extra room above your garage for guests or for yourself, you don’t want to be sleeping there and feel extra cold because of lack of insulation.

Contact Adrian Overhead Doors so we can help you choose the right garage door for your home. We’ll also help you choose the right color to match or complement the rest of your home. And, if you ever need garage door maintenance, our team is experienced in making your residential garage door last for years!