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Liftmaster 8500 wall mounted garage door openerGarage door openers tend to be reliable, which is a good thing, considering how much homeowners use them. However, if you have an older model, here are a few reasons why you may want to consider replacing your garage door opener.

Safety Reversal

If you have an older garage door opener (from before the 1993), then it is likely that it does not have non-contact safety eyes. Since 1993, it has been required that garage door openers come equipped with a these photo eyes, which includes a sensor that can stop the garage door from closing if something, such as a child, crosses under the garage door as it is closing.

Noise Reduction

Many older garage door openers are extremely noisy. These openers, whether due to age or outdated construction, make excessive, disruptive noise when activated. Having a new garage door opener installed will greatly reduce the amount of noise your garage door makes each time you open it.

Improved Security

Older garage door openers were vulnerable to thieves due to the fact that their remote controls functioned using a fixed code. Burglars could figure out the code for your garage door opener, allowing them to gain access to your garage and home. New garage door openers use a rolling code, which changes the code of your garage door opener each time it is used. This makes new garage door openers much harder for thieves to gain access to.

Whether or not your garage door opener is currently functioning, if it is older, you may want to consider having it replaced. A new garage door opener can improve the safety, security, and functionality of your garage. Contact us to find out more about having your garage door opener replaced, and to find out whether or not this could be beneficial for you.