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Overhead Door Installation TipsIt’s time for a new overhead door. Perhaps the door is damaged or it isn’t closing correctly anymore. Before you buy a new door and schedule installation, there are a few steps that you’ll want to take. Getting prepared will help ensure that you order the correct door and that your overhead door installation technician is prepared.

Is the Opener in Good Shape?

It’s often a great idea to have your garage door opener checked to make sure it is in good shape. Make sure that the horsepower is adequate for your new door and that the track has been cleaned and lubricated.

Check the Frame

Do a quick check of the door frame. Is it in good shape? If not, make repairs before you install a new garage door. A balanced and lubricated frame will ensure your new door is able to open and close smoothly.

Order Your Door

Research your options. What size sectional steel door do you need? Do you want insulation in the door? What about windows? Aluminum doors are another option to consider. Order your door from a company that you trust. Ideally, they’ll work with local manufacturers and install the door. A good overhead garage door company can help you identify the best door for your needs, and schedule installation.

On the Day of Installation

There is not much that you need to do on the day of your garage door installation. It’s often easier for installation technicians to move around if you can move the vehicles out of the space, as this gives them more room to work. Depending on the height of your facility and the size of your overhead door, they may need to bring in special equipment to properly position the door.

It is possible that the installation technician may need to make some electrical or carpentry fixes to your old system. Be prepared to have the technician in your garage for a couple hours. Know where your electrical panel is and which circuits are connected to your garage area.

It doesn’t take much to prepare for an overhead door installation. Your technician will likely remove your old door for you. Simply make sure that your opener is in good shape, your door frame is clean and ready to go and that you’re prepared for the technician when they arrive.