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Haas carriage house garage door styleHaas garage doors are some of the best garage doors you’re going to find on the market. And because Haas is located in the Midwest, we’re proud to represent them when we install new garage doors. What kind of door fits your style, when you have so many to choose from? Are you more of a traditionalist who likes the look of an earlier era? Perhaps you’ve moved into a house built in the 19th century that’s recently been restored.

One option is a carriage house garage door that offers many design options. Haas offers a variety of base color options and overlay colors that cover everything from white to sandstone. There are also a number of different patterns for a single door. Everything from T-shape, X-shape, and triangular-shaped face designs can be used to recreate how it might have looked back in the late 19th century.

These carriage house style doors are made of a wood-grained embossed material that gives the essence of wood. This provides durability while reducing the need for excessive maintenance of real wood.

Even though carriage house doors from that time period might have been a single door, not all were. Haas gives you another option of double doors with detailed variations.

Designing Your Double-Door Carriage Door

The double carriage door option is truly beautiful and will be a true standout to visitors. They can come in different colors, plus decorative hinges and handles to suit your own style. Also consider the type of windows that are available in the top section.

These sections can come in frosted glass so you don’t have to worry about someone peering inside. At the same time, it provides enough glass so you can get some natural light inside your garage. The top sections additionally come in arched variations to give a little stylization when you want to customize the details.

Carriage House Garage Doors from Haas are a popular option that can add some style to your home. Many people use these on newer homes as well to give an interesting mix of tradition and modern appeal.