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Torsion Springs are Dangerous

Garage Door Torsion SpringThe torsion springs that help lift your garage door carry a heavy load, and caution should be used when trying to repair them. They are mounted at the top of the garage door, on either side of the center point.

No matter how efficiently they’ve been raising and lowering a garage door, torsion springs are designed to lift garage door weights of hundreds of pounds, and may normally last around five years, depending on the type of spring and degree of professional installation.

Inspect the torsion springs and look for signs of wear, and listen for squeaking during operation.

Torsion springs are most accessible when the garage door is closed, but that is when the heaviest weight is stressing the springs. Improperly handling the springs and their winding brackets can suddenly cause all the pressure to release, often causing injury or fatal results.

While some homeowners may attempt to perform torsion spring repairs themselves, the experts at Adrian Overhead Doors caution against it. Since there is a high amount of tension and weight involved, there is a great risk of injury involved, even for a professional who knows what to expect.

Adrian Overhead Doors stocks a large selection of inventory parts, so regular garage door torsion spring repairs can be performed fairly quickly.