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garage door service callService calls can solve and prevent a number of garage door problems. Whether your garage door is acting up, or you are staying ahead of potential problems, it is a great idea to know what to expect. You are then in a better position to respond and ensure the service call is productive and positive.

Welcome and Clarification

Generally speaking, you will have likely discussed the reason for your service call on the telephone when you made the appointment. Ideally, the service professional will show up on time, knock on your door and introduce themselves, and clarify the reason for the call. They will ask you about problems you have been having and other details about your door. Be as honest and specific as possible.

Clearing the Space

You will need to make sure that your garage is clear of any obstacles. The repair person needs to be able to access the entire door, including the frame and the overhead track. If you haven’t cleared the space before they arrive, your service professional will likely ask you to do so before they can begin.

The Inspection

The technician will first carefully inspect the tracks, springs, and other mechanisms. Your service professional may need to open and close your door several times so that they can both listen for and observe any potential problems.

Before Repairs

If the service professional is there for a standard service/maintenance call designed to prevent problems in the future, then the technician will likely just complete the steps necessary for that service job. For example, they may lubricate hinges and adjust the spring tension. However, if there are repairs to be made they should talk with you before proceeding, as repairs cost more than a standard service call.

Expect a full explanation of why the repairs are necessary, as well as an estimate for the cost. In some cases they may not be able to make the repairs that same day and you may need to make a follow-up appointment. If they can make repairs that day and you agree to the costs, expect to pay for the repairs and the call once they are finished.

A well maintained garage door can last for decades. An annual service call to make sure everything is running smoothly is a smart way to stay ahead of problems and to avoid costly repairs. Talk with a professional garage door service company to make an appointment.